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  • Clean entrances and passageways result in clean manufacturing
    process and higher quality of products.
  • Elimination of dirt improves the quality of work enviornment and
    reduces the risk of accidents caused e.g. by slip and fall.
  • The cleaning costs can be decreased by up to 40%.
  • Replaceable brushes result in lower maintenance and cleaning
  • The system can be installed in an existing structure, no surface
    preparation in needed.
  • The entrance and hall surfaces are protected against damage.


A cleaning system is an essential piece of equipment in modern warehouse and production halls. Polmar Profil provides effective solutions to ensure that all pedestrian passageways and vehicle traffic routes for vehicles are kept clean. Cleaner environment translates directly into increased work safety. The use of a cleaning system reduces the risk of accident caused by slipping on a dirty or wet surface. Systems offerd by Polmar Profil reduce the cost spent on surface cleaning by up to 40%.

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