Brushes That Don’t Back Down from Work


In our #PolmarSYSTEM cleaning system, we have implemented an innovative method of mounting cleaning brushes that are securely attached to a steel grid. As a result, they don’t retreat under the weight of passing vehicles, ensuring a constant and reliable cleaning process.

Additionally, each brush is individually mounted on a steel plate, which not only increases the overall durability of the system but also allows for the replacement of a single brush when it becomes worn out.

The brushes are made of polyamide bristles, which effectively clean the tire surface from dirt and moisture. Additionally, the cleaning brushes are solidly connected to the steel grid, preventing them from moving or falling out. Our system allows for easy and quick replacement of worn-out cleaning brushes.

The steel grids provide a stable foundation, ensuring the strength and durability of the brushes, enabling them to effectively remove any deposits and dirt. They are resistant to heavy use and weather conditions, making them an ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor environments. By incorporating cleaning brushes into steel grids, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene around vehicles becomes easier and more efficient. Effectively removing dirt from vehicle tires is crucial in places such as production halls, warehouses, parking lots, or garages.

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