To ensure proper performance of the Polmar System, we recommend regular removal of dirt accumulated under the grates and replacement of worn-out brushes.

Step 1

During the system cleaning process, a crucial step is lifting and moving the grate using a specially designed trolley or hooks. This task requires precision and caution to avoid damaging the structure or causing personal injury. After lifting the grate, it should be carefully placed aside, ensuring a safe and stable storage space to facilitate further system cleaning.

Step 2

Once the grate has been removed, we focus on cleaning its surroundings. The dirty surface of the substrate should be thoroughly vacuumed, removing any contaminants and excess dirt. Next, we proceed with the washing process to ensure comprehensive cleaning. Using appropriate tools, we meticulously clean every element of the system (grates and brushes), removing accumulated contaminants and dirt.

Step 3

At this stage of the process, we focus on evaluating the condition of the brushes, which are a crucial element in maintaining the effectiveness of the lattice system. If we notice that the brushes are worn out or damaged, it is necessary to replace them. Using a blunt rod or another suitable tool, we gently remove the old brushes, and then proceed to install the new ones. This assembly requires precision and caution to ensure the proper functioning of the grate. After installing the new brushes, we carefully check their stability and ensure that they are properly placed in the grate basket to guarantee the effective operation of the system.


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