Wheel cleaning system „Polmar System” – what is worth knowing at the hall construction stage?


When preparing the projects for the design of a new hall or warehouse, the issue of maintaining cleanliness is rarely consider, not treating it as a priority, only when the facility is used, it turns out how important it is. Designing optimal solutions in this area already at the construction stage will ensure the best results and will give you measurable benefits. When designing a system which provide the cleanliness of passageways, it should be considered which places will be particularly vulnerable to handling/carrying pollution, in which areas it will be important to maintain the highest quality standards.

In case of using POLMAR SYSTEM in order to choose the right dimensions of the system, attention should be paid to the circumference of the vehicle wheels that will move on it. It is recommended that the vehicle’s wheel should run 3 full turns on the cleaning system. The individual grid of the system has dimensions of 600x793mm, we assume that a multiple of 600mm dimension will determine the width of the passage, the second dimension of 793mm adjust its optimal length of passage. Designing inlet for that system allow us to save space of the production hall/warehouse or to avoid additional costs if a later cleaning system for forklift wheels is necessary. However the solution in the form of ramps allows its use without interference in the floor. In the case of custom solutions our construction department will provide advice and present the best options for using the system.



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