Our replaceable brushes


Our replaceable brushes

After many years of use, your cleaning system may experience wear and tear. Cleaning brushes, responsible for collecting contaminants from the surface of vehicle tires, are susceptible to wear and tear, especially with heavy usage. Our cleaning system has been carefully designed with consideration for the natural wear and tear of the materials used in its production. If you notice that your system isn’t eliminating a sufficient amount of dust and dirt, allowing contaminants to enter the space, you have the option to replace the filling of the steel grids, restoring full protection.

Each brush is securely mounted in a steel frame that keeps the brushes in place. When a brush becomes worn out, you can simply remove it and install a new brush in its place using a special tool.

In this way, you can replace individual cleaning brushes or the entire cleaning system, restoring it to the properties it had when it was first produced.



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